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Last Update: 08.10.2022

Nadine Wild
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If you are new to my Medium page, welcome and thank you for being here. This article is a good place to start. Down below, you find my most viewed stories, as well as the ones that are closest to my heart.

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If you are interested at the beginning of my writing journey, this article is for you. It also tells you a little bit about, where I am at in my life right now.

Most Viewed Stories

This article reflects on social media and to what extent it reflects your real life. While I share how I see myself, it also invites you to think about your relationship.

I am a productivity lover. Yet, I feel like many parts are misunderstood. You can be super productive and not participate in the toxic hustle culture. This is why I had to share my thoughts on getting up at 5 AM.

I am often restless. Never fully energized, because my inner critic keeps on pushing me. Yet, I am self-aware enough not to burn out. I am stuck with the Burn-On-Sydrom. This article explains what this means.

My Personal Favorite Stories I Wrote So Far



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